Wednesday, July 6, 2011

strangely familiar

I have been experiencing odd pains in my abdomen, similar to the last, well... 2 time we managed to conceive. The feeling is both reassuring and terrifying. I am reassured in that it renews my hope that we perhaps, maybe, possibly succeeded this time. It makes me feel like we have a fighting chance. However, it is also frightening in that my hope is renewed and I am filled with a sense of peace that we perhaps, maybe, possibly succeeded this time. I know right?

Trying the keep a level head while getting swallowed up in the mind of an "obsessed in getting pregnant mind" is a delicate balance I rarely achieve. Either I submit to the statistic game and figure my fate is sealed...or I hype myself up to the point of no return analyzing every feeling-every twinge, cramp, pain-thinking it is more than it may actually be.

Oh middle ground... where are you?

Oh well-I can kill some time by peeing on a stick. I know I have one around here somewhere :)


  1. Throwing pixie dust your way and thinking happy thoughts for you!

  2. Thanks Julie... Lord know I can use whatever is out there that may toss some good fortune my way!