Monday, September 12, 2011

still here

Seems my frequent nausea and insatiable need for sleep has rendered me all but useless once I leave work. I cannot believe I sleep this much! Tonight, my intentions are to finish up this post, wash the dishes, throw some clothes in the dryer...

and go to bed.

Believe me, I am terribly excited about the prospect of climbing under the covers and relaxing. They say your energy tends to pick up again in the second trimester. I hope they are right-and I hope these next 4 weeks go quickly to get me to the coveted second trimester. At my last appointment, things went as well as they could. The little one is right on track and actually is a couple days ahead of schedule. Such a relief to see things going well! Now I just have to wait nearly 4 weeks for the next appointment-an eternity.

And with that, I will end my post. Perhaps once my scanner is plugged in I might even post some photos. We'll have to find some motivation for that ;)