Saturday, August 20, 2011

familiar fears-but good numbers

I know I will be a hypochondriac. I have had my primary doctor do three HCG draws (the first two to confirm it was rising and a third because I didn't "feel" anything and I thought my progesterone was falling). After these three very normal HCG levels, I was referred to my OB of choice for an impromptu "counseling" visit as that office liked to call it since it is too early to see anything to get a good feel on progress. I had that visit last friday.  They decided to draw an HCG this past monday. Two hours later I was on the phone checking on the levels of course. This is what we found our levels to be over the last week or so:

  • 8/05/11   46
  • 8/08/11   178
  • 8/11/11   501
  • 8/15/11   2800
Turns out, regardless of my concern for falling progesterone (which was at 13.85 on 8/15), the HCG is doing spectacularly well. Progesterone is a little low for my liking, but within range. No spotting either, thank god! I do have little things going on like cramping which I was told is normal as long as they are not bad and are not accompanied by blood...and the "girls" are getting increasingly sensitive. The past day or now I have been feeling out of sorts-kinda like I feel like I am coming down with something. I am tired and a little queasy, although no true vomiting-yet. I imaging my HCG to be around 15,000 today. It's no wonder I am feeling more going on as time progresses. Bring it on :)

I also have to mention how neat that little visual is on the top right of my blog with the image of the baby. It has a little heart flutter right now. How cool is that!

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